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PolySpeed optimizing Autodesk 3ds Max

What is PolySpeed?
PolySpeed is a plugin for 3ds Max designed to vastly improve performance and modelling speed for larger objects. Whether you are modelling characters, industrial objects, landscapes or architectural scenes PolySpeed will give your creations a screaming speed boost.

PolySpeed also includes a large section of modeling tools like Harden that makes sharp detailed on smooth geometry or Quick Shell for creating clothing.
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Artist Quotes
"Our modelers were most impressed"

Volition Inc

"What I love in PolySpeed is, I go to expert mode and think only about modeling, nothing more, just me, concept, modeling and the little PolySpeed Window"
Rafal Kidzinski
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Latest news
PolySpeed website is currently being developed.
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Download Beta

Test the latest version yourself.
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